June 23 - 25, 2019
Dallas, TX

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2019 Chief Financial Officer Agenda

The 2019 Chief Financial Officer Exchange is a premier, peer-to-peer networking event for Finance executives to discuss the new challenges and responsibilities facing CFO’s today. It has become increasingly important for CFO’s to become more strategic in their thinking, and assume the primary role o ...

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2019 CFO Exchange Sponsorship Brochure

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NEW!! SkyStem Case Study: Ichor Systems

Download one of Skystem's latest case studies on Ichor Systems and find out how their global accounting team relies on ART to intelligently manage the month-end close and reconciliation process.

CFO Exchange February 2018 Post Event Report

In this report, you will find featured speakers, session topics, who attended, top areas of investments, and much more. Download your copy!

The Financial Data Dilemma

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article on the "financial data dilemma" for financial execs, stating that the volatility of the past years means businesses today are desperate for timely, accurate, and quality financial data in order to react to fast-changing external conditions.

Finance Leaders: Taking Up the Challenge of a Brand New World

While the challenges besetting global markets have always been there (and, who are we kidding – they’ll continue for the foreseeable future) what defines this transitional period we find ourselves in is: the incredible speed of digital data the immense pressure to justify investments, and he imperative to decide on...

A Different Approach to Risk

Jeanette Nyden launches a new series on helping practitioners to look at "deal risk" in a different light. In this series she will: Talk about risk topics in a way that other people are not talking about Ask folks to think more broadly about risk Clarify concepts that people may...

Exclusive Interviews

Refining Organizational Finance with Data and Analytics

Prior to discussing the topic in greater detail at the upcoming Chief Financial Officer Exchange, GE Digital’s Vice President and CFO, Khozema Shipchandler discusses GE’s reasoning for an expansive overhaul of its executive training program. In this Q&A, he touches on a few of the challenges of instilling the importance...

Risk Management in a World of Change

In this Q&A, Tarun Chopra, CFO of Clements Worldwide, gives finance-based insights into organizational changes, risk in an uncertain economy, increasing risk levels, and more.

Employee Health & Corporate Reporting: An Interview with Discovery Health CFO Brett Tromp

In this video interview, Discovery Health Chief Financial Officer Brett Tromp discusses integrating workforce health metrics into corporate reporting and 4th bottom-line reporting, a strategic thought leadership process bringing together top corporations, governments and NGOs to realize shared goals.

Analytics & Insights: An Interview with Ceridian EVP & CFO Lois Martin

In this video interview, Ceridian Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Lois M. Martin discusses using data analytics to transform the enterprise.

The Evolution of the CFO Role: An Interview with Lamar Chesney

In this video interview, W. Lamar Chesney, former CPO and CFO of Delta Airlines, Marsh McLennan, SunTrust Banks and The Coca-Cola Company, discusses the evolution of the Chief Financial Officer role.

Corporate Strategy: An Interview with Al Jazeera America CFO Anand Gupta

Al Jazeera America CFO Anand Gupta discusses corporate strategy

Culture of Controllership: An Interview with Discovery Communications SVP Cindy Gallagher

Discovery Communications SVP Cindy Gallagher discusses establishing a culture of controllership.

Mergers & Acquisitions: An Interview with Fandango SVP & CFO Rob Leff

In this interview, Fandango SVP & CFO Rob Leff discusses mergers and acquisitions.

Financial Transformation: An Interview with Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated VP & CAO Jody Billiard

Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated VP & Chief Accounting Officer Jody Billiard discusses financial transformation.